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KnightVision Pawner Mobile App Released

KnightVision now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. itun.es/us/aQ04J.i <--- Cool game for kids who start chess!

— Alexandra Kosteniuk (@chessqueen) link

KnightVision has been a top chess web publishing tool since 2008 and has now entered the mobile application market with KnightVision Pawner. KnightVision Pawner is available in the Apple, Google and Amazon App stores.

KnightVision Pawner is a free, fun action game to educate beginners on how the Knight moves and how Pawns capture and to help advancing players improve their fluency at moving the Knight and to improve their "Knight Vision." Play at your leisure or against the clock for a greater challenge.

KnightVision in Action
Can you find a path for the Knight to manuever behind the Pawn army and start capturing them?

Click the link above or just search for KnightVision Pawner in the App Stores.

For help with the KnightVision PGN Publishing tool or with KnightVision mobile apps please contact support@kvchess.com.